Destructoid writer Ryan Perez attempts career suicide by Twitter

Ryan Perez

Ryan Perez, a self proclaimed “nobody” writer from gamer website Destructoid, recently decided to step on the recent gaming industry controversy  around ‘gamer geeks’, by getting drunk and taking to his new Twitter account to tweet abuse to writer/producer Felicia Day.

A day later, he resigned.

Felicia Day owns the internet channel Geek and Sundry, which notably does not feature a gamer channel due to prior abuse from gamers. She also wrote, produced and acted in several series of “The Guild”, which Microsoft aired via Xbox Live and Zune.  She’s an avid game consumer, as visible by her Skyrim houses alone, let alone everything else.

Ryan’s questions to Felicia were as follows: “I keep seeing [you] everywhere. Question: Do you matter at all? Do you even provide anything useful to gaming, besides “personality?” could you be considered nothing more than a glorified booth babe? You don’t seem to add anything creative to the medium.”

In later tweets he admits he didn’t actually know pretty much anything about Felicia Day, which suggests a little more research may have been in order.  Also, given he’s a video game journalist, tweeting questions like that (“Do you matter at all?”) – which no journalist with a brain would ask in an interview – may not have been the smartest move ever.

After being pulled up for his comments — it is important to make sure hatred isn’t given a free pass — Destructoid spoke to him, distanced themselves from Ryan, and Ryan Perez apologised to Felicia Day (“…I’m known to be a loose cannon, and have grown used to cause and effect… I really am sorry, and plan on actually viewing your portfolio before saying more about … well, you.”).  Day accepted the apology.  Obviously, by this point, the internet lynch mob were out in force for Perez.

Normally this would be the end of the story, but Ryan Perez then goes full on Paul Christoforo, deciding to tweet abuse at a variety of people with seemingly no research again.  He tells actor Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day’s friend, “Go fuck yourself, you opportunistic puddle of miscarriage soup.”  Wil Wheaton has two million followers on Twitter, and controls a section of the social media market.  That market being gamers.

Perez goes to make some other interesting claims on Twitter, like he didn’t believe Twitter replies are publicly visible  - however a quick inspection of his Twitter timeline reveals Twitter conversations with multiple people via replies.

It is possible to offend anybody online, and it’s actually quite easy.  That goes with the turf.  What matters is how you write things in the first place, how you treat people, research, and how you address things if (when) they go wrong.

Felicia Day has produced more content online than pretty much anybody else on Earth – from web series, to a web studio, to music videos, to comics – and she has more Skyrim hours than me.  (And believe me, I spent some frightening time in that game).  She is a person who games and creates, and she’s very good at both.

Ryan Perez is a great writer.  The industry, however, has issues – and Ryan sits within that culture which feels itself entitled to reduce anybody female to be “booth babes”, or worse.  Attitudes like this still exist in the fringes of television and movie production, but for the most part they’re in a much better place now than 30 years ago.  The gaming industry has not made that transition, and that’s due to attitudes.  People are people.  Nobody is miscarriage soup.

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