Adam Baldwin and Lee Aronsohn issued female smackdown

Lee Aronsohn

As an avid TV watcher and female person, I sometimes find the gauntlet of TV professionals and their public musings to be a difficult road to navigate. I am a huge Firefly fan, hell I was on the front line of Serenity’s UK promotional team (all fan led) which got it to number one in the UK box office. But until the emergence of Twitter I had no idea how aggressively right wing Adam Baldwin’s (Jayne) ideologies were. I gleefully followed him on twitter until he started to comment on my reproductive rights, and how he and other male right wing politicians should be in charge of them. At that point I unfollowed, but many of my friends still follow him, and retweet. His feud with Wil Wheaton this past weekend at Emerald City Comic Con made it to my timeline (Baldwin was upset with Wheaton’s collaboration with Jenny Lawson on her book ‘Let’s Pretend This Never Happened’ where he said it was ‘funnier than the Bible’).

Today I saw a tweet from Fierfly’s Morena Baccarin (now starring in ‘Homeland’) which said ” I love you @adamsbaldwin but  I need to unfollow for my sanity”. I am ready to be proved wrong but I took this to be  a reference to Baldwin’s recent tweets in which he stated “How can abortion be pro-woman when it aborts female babies?” This kind of spurious argument could be unravelled pretty quickly by nine year olds, but on the twitter feed of Adam Baldwin, who boasts over 91,000 followers it gains some sort of weird credibility.

Baldwin’s feed has been widely lampooned so I will not try to do the same here, however I will move to 2 and a Half Men executive producer Lee Aronsohn, who this week said that three female created comedy shows on network television represented ‘Peak Vagina’ and that women were responsible for ‘damaging men’. At the Toronto Screenwriting Conference Aronsohn said “Enough, ladies. I get it. You have periods.” about the ‘saturation’ of female led comedies on network television. As actress Martha Plimpton(Raising Hope) pointed out, women represent less than 25% of the directors, writers, producers, creators, editors and directors of photography currently in US television. Writer and actress Rachel Mason issued this response which called upon all women to live tweet their periods to Aronsohn.

Luckily the public nature of Twitter makes it easy for comebacks to had, but the context of these comments is disturbing when Aronsohn’s show has featured spousal abuser Charlie Sheen. Aronsohn’s comedic contemporaries are treated with contempt because they are women, and that in itself is a contemptible thing. The positive outcome here is that Twitter users have been able to come back at Baldwin and Aronsohn.

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