Zachary Quinto, Luke Evans – will Hollywood let them get away with it?

Quinto - is that even his dog?

Hollywood can be a difficult beast to tame. It would be naive to think that every young wannabe who moved to LA to find fame was exactly the same in every respect, and there is bound to be some diversity within the personal lives  of those who call Tinseltown home.

We live in a world of increasing political correctness and whilst in our workplaces and social settings we might be open minded and accepting of all manner of people, things change when you bring entertainment into play. The fact is, no matter how much we may wish for the lives of actors such as Zachary Quinto, Colton Haynes, Luke Evans, Matt Bomer and Sean Maher to remain separate from their on-screen appearances, there are moments when their portrayal of certain roles will be jarring, knowing what we now know.

Let me be clear. I have no interest in what these gentlemen get up to in the privacy of their own homes, but when I go to the movies or turn on my TV,  I want to lose myself in the worlds which have been created there.  That is so much more difficult to do when through no fault of your own you have been subjected to images and statements  which are completely at odds with what you’re seeing on screen.

In 2009′s Star Trek, one of the most moving scenes depicts the stoic Spock(played by Quinto) being comforted by Uhura (Zoe Saldana) after the death of his mother. At the time, I enjoyed the intimacy and chemistry, which gave a new facet to both characters. Then, a week or so ago, I learned something that changed the meaning of that scene for me, forever. Zachary Quinto is not, and never will be, half Vulcan.

Now when I watch Star Trek and I see Uhura stop the elevator and hold Spock tenderly, all I can think is “Those ears are fake.”  It has totally ruined for me what was previously one of my favourite movies, and now the sequels will be ruined for me too.

Zachary Quinto is a repeat offender in this insidious line of deceit. When I met him this year at San Diego Comic Con he seemed relaxed and affable, a far cry from the serial killer Sylar. I began to suspect that Quinto was not able to use telekinesis at all, and my suspicions were all but proven when I overheard him ask someone to  bring him a glass of water. Bring him a glass?! Week after week we saw Quinto summon objects using only the power of his mind. How can I ever watch Heroes again knowing that at least fifty percent (yes, this goes deep) of the cast don’t even have real super powers?!

This brings me to Luke Evans who will be appearing in a series of films which have opened a can of worms for me as a viewer.  Aramis the Musketeer, the God Zeus, Bard the Bowman in The Hobbit….Are we expected to believe that Evans is both a Greek God AND a French infantry soldier? How stupid do the studios think we are?

Colton Haynes is not a lycanthrope. Matt Bomer does not work for the FBI. Not only is Sean Maher not actually a qualified doctor, he’s never even been to medical school. It’s time to stop forcing audiences to suspend their disbelief and cast only real werewolves, doctors and conmen turned FBI consultants in the roles that were meant for them. Think of all those criminally underused werewolf actors trying to make a living when a non-lycan can walk into a casting office and be signed up without a second thought.

If you have any more evidence of actors lying to us by portraying themselves on screen as something they’re not, please post it in comments. Together, let’s bring the truth back to entertainment.

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