“Chuck” renewed by NBC

The NBC drama with Zachary Levi and Adam Baldwin has been picked for 13 more episodes, beginning in the Fall.  In a similar move to Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, the licensing fee has been slashed, along with the budget per ep.


Several weeks ago End Of Show was on hand with Zachary as he and 400 fans went to a local Subway to purchase their products in a symbolic move to show the desire for Chuck’s renewal.  At the time he told us that Chuck was on “good side of the (renewal) bubble”.  Congratulations to Wendy Farrington and everybody who #SavedChuck.

Sources tell End Of Show that NBC is looking to place the series on Friday night.  But don’t worry, Dollhouse showed this season it’s possible to survive that slot and live to fight another season.  The bad news: the budget cuts mean some of the crew will not return, and some cast members may appear in less episodes (less episodes, less cost).

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