Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles resurrection possible on DVD

The fate of  Terminator’s TV franchise seems sadly bleak for fans of the series, however there exists a possibility nobody has mentioned publicly yet: DVD movies.  So don’t cry yet Summer Glau, here’s our pitch.


Warner Bros have been trying to move into the area of DVD first features for many years.  DVD features have always been a tricky area — Hollywood has an atmosphere where nobody likes to feel they are slipping down the spectum, and DVD premieres still have a stigma in the industry (“Direct to video”).  However, many companies believe significant revenue exists in this area, with companies such as Fox and Disney moving in.

Warner Bros itself has established an arm called “Warner Premiere”, who look purely at DVD projects.  If Warners fail to find a network to continue the show into a third season, it seems fans should look towards Warner Premiere.  They are looking for several things for their projects: a strong brand, a strong fan base or interest group, and a story.

A strong brand

One word answer to this one: Terminator.  More words: it’s a worldwide brand.

A strong fan base

The fans are currently busy filling up the inbox of FOX’s Kevin Reilly.  They’re pretty vocal they want the show to continue.  Again, they’re also all over the world, and they’re invested right now – not years ago.

A story

The TV concluded in the future, with a very confused John Connor looking with confused lustfulness at Summer Glau’s character (whoever that may be at the time).

Warner’s tried to resurrect oldtime geek series Babylon 5 in DVD format and failed.  End Of Show believes there’s another more deserving franchise around waiting to be tapped.  That franchise has killer robots in it.

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