Dollhouse renewed? Not yet, say FOX.


The advert GLOBAL are running since today.

International network Global TV have added a banner to their website advertising a “New Season” of Dollhouse, “Coming this Fall”.  Global aired the full first season in sync with FOX this season. Is it a misprint?  Is it true?

So far FOX has not returned request for comment.  Updates to come.

Update: The advert in question added to article.

Update 2: FOX have responded.  “The series has not been renewed yet. Any renewal announcement would be made at the upfront Presentation a week from today.”

Update 3: Star and Producer Eliza Dushku says: “DOLLHOUSE talk’s are goin’ on~ it’d be an extravaganza bonanza to return [for round two]!”

Update 4: CanWest Global have now dropped their advertisement banner.

Update 5: Global have written clarification: “Wishful thinking on the part of one of our producers. Decision yet to be made regarding show’s future. Apologies for confusion.”

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